Stand up straight. Sit straight. Don’t slouch. Sound familiar. Good body posture. We all want it to achieve it, but if your muscles are too tight or weak, it’s almost impossible to improve your posture. Poor posture can also create low back pain. And if you suffer from low back pain it usually means that it is difficult to stand up straight.

Hello, I'm Gina Piazza and I've developed a posture program that can help you achieve better posture and a healthy back. Good body posture is achievable. You will feel better, look great and be more productive with simple fitness ball exercises. What kind of fitness ball exercises? Certainly those that strengthen the core or those described as core performance training exercises. When you strengthen your core, it helps prevent low back pain. You can achieve a healthy back and good posture through core performance training. Learn more about smart fitness ball exercises that strengthen the core. Learn more about the Stop the Slouch and Straighten Up WIth G Ball Fitness™ DVD >

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