A loss of range of motion or strength, numbness or a tingling feeling in the limbs are all symptoms that are related to poor posture. Body areas that are most commonly affected are the lower back, upper back, neck, wrist, shoulders, hips and knees. In short, pain and dysfunction that prohibits proper walking, comfortable sleeping situations and participation in activities. My better posture program uses the G BALL to prevent the types of injuries that occur from poor posture, incorrect body mechanics, repetitive movement, muscle imbalance and inflexibility. As you work with the G BALL, you will find it effective in improving posture and simple to use. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE! YOU CAN:

• Improve Posture
• Reduce Low Back Pain
Develop Core Strength
• Feel Better
Be More Productive
Look Great

DVD Special Features
• Easy to use interactive exercise menu
• Simple and suitable for all fitness levels
• Four different posture conditioning programs
• Posture tips and a better posture tutorial
• Stability ball guidelines, usage and care tips
Bonus Exercise Guide - Includes a convenient
guide with all exercises shown pictorially.

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